Extend battery life while cutting costs.

Battery performance is strongly affected by environment temperatures. Every 10°C increase from the ideal operating temperature of 20°C halves the life of a battery. So at 40°C, a battery that should last 10 years can last only 2.5 years. This drives up replacement costs and severely increases the impact on the environment. Our SiteStar® technology will extend your battery life and save you energy.

"Our SiteStar® technology will extend your battery life and save you energy."

SiteStar® cabinets are designed for both indoor and outdoor environments, with a unique combination of low thermal conductive materials and a high-efficiency climate solution. With an extremely cost-effective cooling technology and a cabinet shell that allows minimal transfer of temperatures, we keep your batteries at optimal operating temperature, with the energy usage equivalent to a single light bulb. This means the SiteStar® cabinets offer up to 95% power savings compared to air-conditioned cabinets.

SiteStar® cabinet benefits

  • Longer battery lifetime means significant savings in operator OPEX and CAPEX, due to fewer battery replacement and site visits.

  • Extremely low power consumption typically just 40W, an amazing 95% saving compared to typical air-conditioned cooling solutions.

  • Maintenance-free construction completely dust proof, in contrast to fan-based cooling solutions, saving you further maintenance costs.

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