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Advanced cooling technology.

SiteStar® cabinets keep batteries at optimal operating temperatures, with up to 95% power saving compared to traditional airconditioned battery cabinets.

Battery performance is strongly affected by environment temperatures. Every 10°C increase from the ideal operating temperature of 20°C halves the life of a battery. So at 40°C, a battery that should last 10 years can last only 2.5 years. This drives up replacement costs and severely increases the impact on the environment. Our SiteStar® technology will extend your battery life and save you energy.

Our SiteStar® technology will extend your battery life and save you energy.

SiteStar® cabinets are designed for both indoor and outdoor environments, with a unique combination of low thermal conductive materials and a high-efficiency climate solution. With an extremely cost-effective cooling technology and a cabinet shell that allows minimal transfer of temperatures, we keep your batteries at optimal operating temperature, with up to 95% less energy usage compared to air-conditioned cabinets.

Find out more about our SiteStar® Cabinets and how you can cut costs and lower your carbon footprint.

Advanced airflow for optimal temperature

Active compressors and advanced airflow ensures optimal battery operating temperature to multiply battery life, reduce replacement costs and increases network uptime.

A cross section of a SiteStar® Cabinet shows the internal airflow. Cool air (blue arrows) is drawn in and chilled down by compressors at the bottom of the door, and the hot air generated by the batteries and environment is circulated out through vents at the top of the door.