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Reduce your costs and emissions.

Most batteries are not designed to handle the demands of high-cycle off-grid sites - but you can depend on NorthStar. 

The past few years have seen an unprecedented increase in the demand for reliable power around the world. The rise in demand has also increased site management costs across telephone networks, as many new sites are powered by gas-guzzling diesel generators.

Running generators around the clock for 24 hours straight has been the only option for many operators, and with that comes disadvantages such as high environmental impact and CO2 emissions, constant noise pollution, high operating efficiency and poor reliability, not to mention rising maintenance and fuel costs maintenance costs.

"An efficient hybrid solution can cut fuel costs and emissions by more than 50%."

One way to dramatically reduce these disadvantages is by upgrading to an advanced hybrid solution using high-performance AGM thin plate lead carbon batteries to power the load, only turning on the generator to recharge the batteries. To get the most from this hybrid solution, you need batteries with high cyclic capability and fast recharge performance. An efficient hybrid solution can cut fuel costs and emissions by more than 50%.

NorthStar helped a GSM operator in Pakistan dramatically reduce their running costs and carbon emissions by switching to a high performance hybrid solution.

Ask us how to cut your costs too.

  • 5,000 unstable grid sites upgraded

  • Generators now run <1 hr per day

  • 600 liters of diesel saved per site

  • CO2 emissions cut by 8,000 tons

The ideal batteries for hybrid sites

In many regions of the world the on-grid power supply is unreliable, suffering frequent power outages every day. This means frequent recharging, severely shortening battery life. To minimize the impact of outages or use of diesel generators it is crucial to recharge batteries as quickly as possible - you never know when the next outage will be. At the same time, the cyclability of the battery needs to be exceptional, as the number of charging cycles will be greatly increased when the grid goes down.

Fast recharge, high cycling and PSoC compatibility.

NorthStar AGM thin plate lead carbon technology delivers recharge five times faster and more than three times as many cycles as standard AGM batteries. This not only ensures a more reliable power supply, but also reduces the cost of operation.

Find out more about our AGM thin plate lead carbon batteries.

NorthStar's OPzV technology delivers long life performance and superior deep cycle capabilities. 

NorthStar OPzV Batteries are safer for the environment, safer to use and can be recharged much faster in comparison to flooded lead-acid batteries. OPzV batteries have no water levels to check or terminals to clean, minimizing risks of dangerous acid spills, and can be installed in any position. 

Find out more about our OPzV technology.

Cut costs with a hybrid solution.

Today there are more than 1 million off grid and unstable grid telecom sites worldwide. Switching to an advanced hybrid setup using NorthStar AGM thin plate lead carbon batteries could dramatically reduce generator runtime, diesel consumption and CO2 emissions.

NorthStar Battery, the world`s leading telecom battery manufacturer, has developed an innovative range of AGM thin plate lead carbon batteries that are ideal for hybrid applications. The NSB Blue+ range does not need to be fully recharged to 100% like standard batteries – in fact they perform better when partially charged, because of thier Partial State of Charge (PSoC) capabilities. Their unique electrochemistry also allows ultra fast recharge compared to other AGM batteries.

NorthStar’s advanced AGM thin plate lead carbon technology delivers high energy density and fast recharge acceptance. NorthStar is the only battery manufacturer worldwide to use PPO plastic cases, which can withstand a wider temperature range: from -40ºC up to +65ºC. All NorthStar Blue+ Batteries are proudly made in the USA using advanced automated manufacturing to ensure consistency and reliability.

Find out more about the enhanced electrochemistry of NorthStar AGM thin plate lead carbon batteries.

Extend battery life and cut energy use.

Battery performance is strongly affected by environment temperatures. Every 10°C increase from the ideal operating temperature of 20°C halves the life of a battery. This drives up replacement costs and severely increases the impact on the environment.
SiteFlex® LCC Outdoor Battery Solution enclosures are the optimal design to both accommodate and protect your battery backup, and with different climate options available it delivers a cost-effective solution for any environment.
  • Highly efficient cooling with air conditioner equipped with Eco Mode feature
  • Roof-mounted DAC or ACU unit with EVS depending on cooling requirement
  • Supports a range of anti-theft protection possibilities
  • Battery rack supporting up to four strings of 4x12V 190 Ah battery blocks or one string of 24x2V battery blocks

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